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On Premise Sign and Billboard Products Manufactured by Watchfire

High Resolution Signs
Our high-resolution displays offer the most brilliant and stunning visual imagery to capture and hold the attention of passersby.
Medium Resolution Signs
Perfect for locations with faster moving traffic and at distances further from the roadway, these signs display clear, crisp images.
Standard Resolution Signs
Watchfire’s full color 25mm signs are effective for grabbing the attention of potential customers.
Monochrome Signs
Watchfire monochrome message centers produce more than 4,000 shades of red or amber, to get your message across effectively and economically.
Digital Billboard Products
Digital billboards are a game-changer in the out-of-home advertising industry, allowing unprecedented flexibility, vibrancy and real time messaging.
Price Watcher Gas Price Displays
Price Watcher offers petroleum retailers a reliable and energy efficient gas price sign solution.

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Purchasing New Signage - Understand Section 179 and Save Money

Understanding IRS Section 179 is not as difficult as you might think. Its purpose is to motivate American companies to invest in equipment that grows their businesses, improves their bottom lines, and helps to stimulate the economy as a result. Section 179 allows businesses to write off the entire amount of new equipment purchased, including LED signs, (up to the $500,000 maximum) for the tax year in which a purchase is made.

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From the Knowledgebase

It is not uncommon for a Watchfire sign to outlive the computer used to update it. Here are some steps to follow when you replace your old PC or upgrade your operating system.

For signs shipped with Ignite OP version 12, a digital download of the software and updated EasyArt files is available online. Newer signs using Ignite OPx2 access software online and no installation is necessary.

Older versions of Ignite are installed from the Ignite software disc, and the process may differ based on the age of your sign. Locate your disk and look for the revision number on the disk before proceeding.

If your disc is Ignite version 11.10 or newer follow the steps in this article...

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Choose the right sign company. Let us connect you with a Watchfire dealer.

Choose the right sign company. Let us connect you with a Watchfire dealer.