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  • Target Signs Converts Six Billboards to Digital

    Target Signs, the premier outdoor advertising company in Gillette, Wyo., has made the move to digital in a big way. Converting six static faces at once to digital billboards from Watchfire Digital Outdoor, headquartered in Danville, Ill., Target Signs owner Ken Musser has made a bold step forward for his business and for outdoor advertising in the state.

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  • Boosting Digital Billboard Returns: The Magic is in Multiples

    As billboard operators convert static faces to digital, a key question is often how best to optimize to the perfect number of advertiser "slots." For someone new to digital billboards, the ideal rotation — six to eight advertiser slots with hold times ranging from five to 10 seconds before advancing to the next slot in the rotation — may be a typical starting point.

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  • Digital Billboard Inventory - Using Empty Space to Your Advantage

    In the past few months we’ve talked with independent operators about sales calls they’ve made on small, local advertisers. To no one’s surprise, many business owners have said they are holding tight to their surplus cash. If they do decide to invest that cash in advertising, it will have to be in a medium that has shown a proven return. Of course, because digital billboards are the new kid on the block, most local advertisers have yet to try us, and don’t have experience to fall back on. Instead of a roadblock, we view this as an opportunity.

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  • LED Signs are Tools for Convenience Store Growth

    The National Association of Convenience Stores show recently wrapped up in Las Vegas, and the show was filled with industry leaders looking for tools to move their businesses forward. Convenience store owners and operators have suffered from image problems for years and are now embracing new products and technologies, especially digital signage.

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  • Watchfire KnowledgeBase: The 24/7 LED Sign Resource

    Want to learn more about your Watchfire LED sign? Check out the newly updated KnowledgeBase articles so you get the most of out your digital sign. You may be surprised how easy it is to install software and perform other tasks with a little help from our KnowledgeBase. It’s a great resource for any questions you might have about your sign and it’s available 24 hours a day. You can access informative articles just by typing in keywords in the KnowledgeBase search bar.

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