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  • Watchfire Releases Liter Version of Popular Price Watcher Gas Price Signs

    Watchfire is excited to announce new liter gas price signs for customers in Canadian and Central and South American markets. Liter Price Watcher signs feature an 888.8 segment configuration with adjustable numerals from 0 to 9 on all number segments.

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  • Focus On Your Billboard Business, Not Your Digital Billboard

    Last week we attended the annual Independent Billboard Operators (IBO) meeting. The first day of the meeting revolved around Roland Advertising in Cookeville, TN. Dave Roland was generous enough to host the group at his office, where he spent more than half the day with a couple dozen fellow billboard operators explaining how his company has been so successful with digital billboards in and around their relatively small town. Cookeville is in Putnam County, which has a population of about 73,000. Roland installed their first digital billboard there about five years ago and their network now includes more than twenty units, mostly within a 30-mile radius. They’ve got insight and discipline that carries their plans through execution, but what Roland Advertising has done can serve as a model for anyone in the industry.

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  • Longevity of Watchfire’s First Digital Billboards Provides Competitive Advantage

    The first Watchfire digital billboards were installed in early 2007. Today, their very first digital billboard customers report being very impressed with the longevity of their boards and happy with their purchase. They also say their Watchfire digital boards are still going strong and they have no plans to replace them any time soon. These operators, both large and small, have been impressed with Watchfire’s digital billboards and all reported they would purchase from Watchfire again without hesitation.

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  • Tri Outdoor Uses Watchfire Digital Billboards for Client-Pleasing Social Media Campaign

    What happens when you allow excited Penn State Lehigh Valley graduates to put their Instagram posts and tweets onto billboards around town? That’s what Tri Outdoor wanted to find out when they embarked on a month long campaign with the university. To celebrate the 2014 graduates, Tri Outdoor, Inc. in Bethlehem, PA, partnered with the university for a 30-day campaign featuring real-time Instragram posts and tweets from the graduates themselves on Tri Outdoor’s two Watchfire digital billboards.

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  • Peer-Reviewed FHWA Report Upholds Digital Billboard Safety

    The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration has released a peer-reviewed version of its report declaring that digital billboards do not pose a safety risk to passing motorists. For those within the industry, the final results of this study come as no surprise. Numerous traffic studies and analyses performed in the last couple of decades have come to a similar conclusion.

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