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  • Watchfire Signs Announces Grand Opening Celebration

    Watchfire Signs will host a ribbon cutting on July 18, 2013, to mark the grand opening of their manufacturing and office facilities. The expansion has added over 110,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space and 17,000 square feet of office space to the company's headquarters in Danville, Ill.

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  • Watchfire Digital Billboards Fuel Go Digital’s Success in Central America

    Go Digital, a premier outdoor advertising company in El Salvador and Panama, has several digital billboards manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. Go Digital's General Manager Rodrigo Lopez credits a key, and once secret, competitive advantage-the quality of their digital billboards from Watchfire-for facilitating their success.

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  • 4 Digital Billboard Trends for the First Half of 2013

    I have noticed an interesting trend in digital billboard sales so far this year. While 19mm/20mm bulletins have traditionally been the overwhelming favorite and the lower resolution optimized product is still extremely popular for longer reads, there has been a surge in orders for high-resolution 16mm displays in the billboard market. Although the 16mm is unlikely to supplant the others as the second most popular option any time soon, the orders are steadily increasing. So, why the shift? I believe there are a few reasons.

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  • The Digital Billboard Explosion

    Out of Home magazine recently featured an article by Darrin Friskney, Vice President of Digital Outdoor at Watchfire, about the recent explosion in the number of digital billboards in the United States. In the article, Darrin outlines five contributing factors that are putting digital at the foreground of the Out of Home advertising industry. Here is a summary:

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  • 5 Things to Consider if you Have an Older LED Sign

    Watchfire Signs Sales Director John Kunze was recently interviewed for a story in Digital Signage Today about the life cycle of an LED sign and when to consider an upgrade or replacement. In the last 10 years, LED sign technology has evolved greatly. Business owners who were "early adopters" of the electronic message centers may be wondering if it is time to replace or update their old sign. If your sign is five or more years old, here five some key factors you shouldn't overlook.

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