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  • One Message Center Sign, Many Different Audiences

    How many different types of consumers can you name? Marketing experts continually research and divide consumers into precise categories so companies can reach them more effectively. New categories pop up all the time, and it can be tough to keep up.

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  • Watchfire LED Signs Make an Impact at Schools Nationwide

    More schools and colleges are updating their campus signs and scoreboards with LED signs. Schools are getting plenty of support from local businesses and parent organizations to fund the signs. Here are just a few ways schools are making their Watchfire LED signs work for them.

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  • Give Your Business Some Screen Time

    People are spending more time in front of digital screens thanks to rising tablet, smartphone and laptop sales. More than ever, people are relying on different kinds of screens for information, and signage is no exception. By 2015, there will be 22 million digital signs, according to Intel.

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  • Digital Outdoor Well Suited for Small(er) Markets

    Lately I have noticed a digital billboard trend that has pleasantly surprised me. In my own experience and through some of Watchfire’s customers, I have seen success in several pretty small markets, markets which could be perceived as a risky place to install a digital billboard.

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  • LED Signs: Timely Messages in any Climate

    Driving in to work this morning I saw a convenience store owner struggling to change the message on his manual reader board. We’re located in the midwest where it’s windy, cold, and getting ready to dump our first measurable snow of the winter. This poor guy was out there with his suction cup letter changer, and as I watched him I saw that was fairly adept at getting the letters up there despite the wind. He had the right idea too. The unfinished message read, “Shov”, and I can only assume he was putting up a timely message about snow shovels.

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