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  • Digital Billboards: Buying Beyond Price

    Back in 2006, when I was preparing for my first digital billboard deployment, I read every piece of marketing material, industry report and product description that I could get. Putting up one of these billboards was a big investment for my small company and I wanted to get it right. As with many business-related purchases, price was a big issue, but there were other issues that I felt were very important.

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  • Counting Cars - Request a Traffic Analysis Before Choosing Signage

    One of the many resources we offer to business owners is an analysis of traffic patterns near their location. Knowing just how many potential customers pass by each day can help determine how much impact an electronic message center, or LED sign, could have.

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  • Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Digital Billboard

    The fact is choosing the right manufacturer is probably the most important decision you'll make when you invest in digital billboards. Your return on investment is directly tied to the quality of the board you choose because up-time, ease of use, and advertiser satisfaction all flow straight to the bottom line.

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  • Don’t Let Advertisers Overlook the Dynamic Side of Digital Billboards

    One thing that I have noticed while selling digital outdoor space is the lack of imagination that has kept some advertisers from using the medium properly. Because of this, the advertisers didn’t get the return on investment that they could have. They used digital in the same manner as they would with a static board, running only branding and directional messages.

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  • Getting Started: Tips For Your LED Sign Purchase

    If your business is visible from the highway or a busy street, and you already invest in more expensive advertising to reach your audience, you should consider an LED sign. When it comes to choosing the right LED sign, sometimes called an electronic message center, for your specific location, you'll want to consult with a sign professional. As a starting point, there are a few general things you should consider.

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