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  • Create Dynamic Content on Your Outdoor LED Sign

    It goes without saying that if you’ve made the choice to purchase an LED sign, you intend for your investment to serve as a dynamic messenger for your business. You chose an LED sign because it can get attention with timely and eye-pleasing messages. It is your 24-hour salesman, attracting attention and selling your message. The “round the clock” nature of your sign is all the more reason to tailor your messages for the benefit of your business.

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  • Keep Your LED Sign On-Time as DST Ends

    Older signs may need a little help when its time to "spring forward" or "fall back" so we have assembled some technical tips for signs shipped before March of 2007.

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  • I Don’t Wanna Share!

    If you have been out selling digital outdoor, you have most likely heard this objection. Advertisers often try to tell you that they don’t want to advertise on a digital billboard because their ads are not displayed 24/7 as they would on traditional static displays. They also may say that they don’t understand why they should be paying the same ad rates as they would for that static board.

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  • Comparing Watchfire W-series and XVS signs

    Watchfire XVS signs are fully color-calibrated, can display live video and have a superior frame rate. XVS is not a field upgrade so it's important to understand the differences before you order.

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  • Act Now for Tax Savings on LED Signs

    If you are looking for smart ways to reinvest in your business, consider purchasing a new LED sign. Few other investments can grab the attention of passing traffic to drive sales and market your business 24/7. And time is running out to take advantage of tax savings for business equipment purchases.

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