Act Now for Tax Savings on LED Signs

If you are looking for smart ways to reinvest in your business, consider purchasing a new LED sign. Few other investments can grab the attention of passing traffic to drive sales and market your business 24/7.  And time is running out to take advantage of tax savings for business equipment purchases.

With passage of 2010 tax legislation, a depreciation bonus and other tax benefits were extended to business owners for investments, such as LED signs, placed in service between September 8, 2010, and the end of 2012. This legislation allows you to claim the full depreciation bonus now, reducing your  tax bill.

New signs installed in 2012 will qualify for a depreciation bonus, and your business may also qualify for increased expensing limits under Sec. 179 of the IRS code. There are spending limits under Sec. 179, so talk to your tax professional for full details.

To make the most of these tax benefits, you’ll want to be sure your sign is installed by the end of the year. Watchfire Signs can help you meet that deadline if you order by the end of October. We can help you coordinate the design, purchase, and installation of a Watchfire LED sign with a qualified sign company in your area.

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