Atlantic Sign Media Installs Two New Digital Billboards

Interstate 40/85 at exit 132 in Greensboro, N.C., is the new location for back-to-back digital billboards installed by Atlantic Sign Media and manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. The back-to-back, 11' x 41', True-16mm digital billboards pack 1,020 LEDs into every square foot.

These new billboards are among the last on I-40/85 before the two highways diverge. The location boasts a traffic count of 105,000 cars per day. The billboards currently feature one exclusive advertiser, Replacements Ltd., the world's largest retailer of old and new dinnerware, and are located at the same exit as the retailer's warehouse. Pro bono messages also run on the boards as a community service.

Atlantic Sign Media selected Watchfire to manufacture the billboards after reviewing all major manufacturers and developing a decision matrix that helped the company objectively select a manufacturer based on a common set of criteria.

"We looked at a variety of criteria, including product quality, uptime, maintenance requirements, energy demands and attention to detail, and Watchfire's billboards rose to the top," said Joe Rickman, owner of Atlantic Sign Media. "We were especially impressed with Ignite® Online and feel it is the industry standard in billboard scheduling software."

Ignite Online software is included in the purchase of every billboard and can easily create complex advertising schedules, including dayparting, multiple ads per advertisers, time/temp and counters.

"Other manufacturer software requires a dedicated computer and Internet connection, while Ignite Online resides in the cloud and can be accessed from virtually anywhere," said Rickman. "Artwork and schedule changes can be made from the field without having to go back to the office. In addition, all software updates are done by Watchfire. Other manufacturers send a disk and we have to update the software ourselves."

Rickman also noted Watchfire's ability to make an aggressive installation deadline and the company's practice of assigning one contact person for the installation process as other points favoring Watchfire.

"It's nice to have an installation concierge that I can rely on, who knows me and will respond immediately when I call," said Rickman.

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