Capturing Memories on a Digital Billboard Requires Reliable Watchfire Displays

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In Peru, the digital outdoor advertising field is becoming increasingly interactive. Punto Visual, headquartered in Chorrillos, has found a successful combination of reliability and innovation that makes their advertisers happy and wins them business.

Punto Visual has created innovative marketing campaigns centered on public engagement during holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mothers’ Day. These focused campaigns require creativity and are very popular with the public, but Punto Visual knows that none of this would be possible if they didn’t first invest in high quality LED digital displays.

That’s why Punto Visual works exclusively with Watchfire Digital Outdoor for their billboards. Made with the highest quality LEDs and factory calibrated for deeper, more accurate, longer-lasting colors, the billboards purchased by Punto Visual are superior products in the digital outdoor advertising industry. With each module encapsulated in a bed of silicon, the Watchfire LED product is engineered to stand up to any environmental conditions. Watchfire products are extensively tested for reliability and continue working in temperatures that range from -40° to +140° F.

“We need a digital product that looks as good after years in the field as it does on day one,” says Cova Gonzalez, Head of Marketing for Punto Visual, S.A. “When a campaign is focused on one special day, everything has to work perfectly.”

Watchfire’s digital billboards are designed to ensure years of reliable operation and provide operators with the best return on investment. Its patented multi-channel data pathways provide redundant protection against data loss to isolate a service issue to a single module and keep messages readable. That’s an important feature on a digital advertising medium where revenue is a function of display time.

“We need our digital billboards to work reliably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” says Gonzalez. “Any down time can cost our customers business and that’s not acceptable.”

At the same time, superior technology won’t matter if the software to run it isn’t equally evolved. Watchfire’s Ignite OA application gives billboard operators many options whether they are running one billboard or several. Ignite’s ability to create content and have that content interact with social media gives operators and their customers new and innovative design options that catch the attention of the public.

Punto Visual’s commitment to quality, functionality and innovation have made them a leader in the digital advertising field in Peru. By combining the best LED product available with creative usage, they get their advertisers noticed.

Extend your replacement cycle to 10 years and beyond with a Watchfire MX Class digital billboard.

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