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  • 5 Things Auto Dealers Should Know before Buying an LED Sign

    David Warns, Vice President of On-premise Sales at Watchfire, recently contributed this article for Auto Dealer Monthly. In the face of increasing emphasis on factory image programs and corporate branding, it’s no wonder auto dealers are looking at signage as a way to gain a competitive advantage. With quarterly bonuses from factory image programs creating a widening disparity between older dealerships and newer, remodeled ones, digital signage has become one of the easiest ways to refresh a dealership’s image.

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  • Digital Signage Will Make 2013 the Year for Small Business Growth

    Small businesses are the cornerstone of the economy, employing nearly 60% of the private workforce and generating 39% of the U.S. gross domestic product, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. That's why it's so important to the future of our economy to have healthy small businesses.

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  • LED Sign Keeps Seasonal Business Top of Mind

    Ft. Wayne, Ind. households will don just over 250,000 Christmas stockings this year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Those stockings are the direct concern of Brian Ellis, owner of Fort Wayne, Ind.-based Darlington Holiday Warehouse, who with the help of a Watchfire LED sign installed by Creative Sign Resources has increased his store traffic by nearly 7 percent this year.

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  • LED Signs are Tools for Convenience Store Growth

    Some gas stations combine digital price signs with outdoor LED signs to attract customers.

    The National Association of Convenience Stores show recently wrapped up in Las Vegas, and the show was filled with industry leaders looking for tools to move their businesses forward. Convenience store owners and operators have suffered from image problems for years and are now embracing new products and technologies, especially digital signage.

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  • Electronic Message Center Artwork: Keeping It Clean

    Because of the wide range of colors and fonts available within our Ignite® Graphics Software, it may be tempting to try out many combinations of these elements when creating sign artwork. Experimenting with design is fun, but may not lead to the most effective messages. For this reason, we have produced a set of best practices for designing your own artwork.

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