Counting Cars - Request a Traffic Analysis Before Choosing Signage

Jim Reed Chevrolet - 19mm LED signOne of the many resources we offer to business owners is an analysis of traffic patterns near their location. Knowing just how many potential customers pass by each day can help determine how much impact an electronic message center, or LED sign, could have.

The process is pretty simple. Just provide us with your business address, including zip code, and we’ll prepare a report that provides you with the average daily traffic for that location.  We’ll also include demographics about the people who live nearby. This information – including the median age, income, home value, and education level – paints a picture about who is in the average passing car.  Once you know more about the audience your new sign can reach, you can better calculate your potential return on investment.

With the information from the traffic analysis, a Watchfire territory manager or your local sign company can help determine what type of LED message center you should consider. Factors that are specific to your location, such as the distance the sign will be placed from street traffic, the directional flow of the traffic, and the speed of passing cars, will influence which model and size of Watchfire LED sign is best for you.  A Watchfire territory manager or the sign company you are working with can provide additional recommendations that are specific to your location.

A traffic analysis is a great starting point as you research the benefits of adding an LED message center to your business. If you are already working with a Watchfire dealer, they can request a traffic analysis for you and help you interpret the results. If you are not yet working with a sign company, you can still request a traffic analysis, and we will refer you to a Watchfire partner dealer in your area. 

There is no charge for a traffic analysis, and the report is usually prepared in less than a week. 

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Request a free traffic and site analysis.

A key component of determining the return on investment for your sign project is understanding the traffic patterns around your location.