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People are spending more time in front of digital screens thanks to rising tablet, smartphone and laptop sales. More than ever, people are relying on different kinds of screens for information, and signage is no exception.  By 2015, there will be 22 million digital signs, according to Intel.

It’s no surprise that the use of outdoor digital signs is also growing. Watchfire LED signs are popular because they give businesses more chances to share information in a visually-striking way. The different kinds of content (text, graphics, photos, video) that can be displayed on an electronic message center can draw attention and increase sales. 

According to a recent published by the University of Cincinnati, a survey of over 160 small business owners shows that signage is an important tool for driving traffic and sales. Over 60% of business owners surveyed said that improvements in their on-premise signage resulted in an average sales increase of 12%. Research on the specific impact of electronic message centers is ongoing, but a study conducted by the Small Business Administration found that when businesses enhance their signage with an LED sign, revenues can increase from 15% to 150%.

On-premise LED signs are a smart and economical way for businesses and organizations to advertise products. WAtchfire LED sign owners have used their signs for a variety of successful marketing including:

  • Promoting flash sales and deals
  • Displaying links to online content or promotions
  • Highlighting slow-moving merchandise
  • Introducing new products

To learn more about the benefits of enhancing your signage with a dynamic advertising medium, download our free white paper, “5 Ways to Increase Growth with an LED Sign.”

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