Keep Your LED Sign On-Time as DST Ends

This Sunday morning, November 6, 2011, most of the United States will “fall back” an hour. I say most, because it’s not a federal requirement to observe Daylight Savings Time, and two states, Arizona and Hawaii, as well as several US territories won’t be joining us in that extra hour of sleep.

These days, little must be done in order to prepare for the time change. Most computers and web-enabled devices can be configured to sync the current time to an Internet time server.  The same can be true for your Watchfire LED sign. If your sign was shipped after March 2007, it is already set to correctly “fall back” this weekend. For older signs, a quick review of your settings will ensure the correct time is displayed on Sunday.

Depending on the configuration of your sign, it may obtain the time from the host computer, or it may be calculated with an on-board clock. Typically a sign that is connected directly to a computer with a fiber-optic cable will receive time settings from that computer. For these signs, the computer must be running and configured to adjust for Daylight Savings Time. Be sure the computer’s operating system is set to the correct time in the correct time zone.  Note that if the time zone is adjusted the computer must be rebooted for the sign to recognize the change.

For signs that keep time with an on-board clock, the computer you use to change messages with Ignite® Graphics Software is also used to adjust the time, but the update process is manual. Just open Ignite, go to Tools – Configuration and click Get Sign Controller Status. Next, click Change Date & Time. You will have the option to manually change the date or time, or simply click “Current Time” and Ignite will automatically adjust to the time on the host computer. Click OK to save changes and you are all set, so to speak.

The process may be slightly different on some older sign models. You can learn more about adjusting the date and time and about determining your sign’s configuration in our Service KnowledgeBase. If you still need help, the Watchfire service department is here to answer your questions. In some cases, service can help you update an older sign so that manual Daylight Savings Time adjustments are no longer necessary.

Enjoy that extra hour of sleep, and rest easy that as the shorter days of winter approach, your Watchfire LED sign lights the way by engaging the community and maintaining awareness for your business, school or church.

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