Roland Advertising Decides Watchfire Digital Outdoor is the Clear Winner

Roland Advertising, of Cookeville, Tenn., started out using its new Watchfire Digital Outdoor billboard as a community communications tool to showcase the board. Within hours of the billboard being unloaded from the truck, there were advertisements up and running for local events and services. Since then, Roland has received tremendous feedback from local advertisers who cite ease of use, flexibility and fast turn-around as the key benefits of advertising on its Watchfire digital billboard.

The Cookeville area already had digital billboards manufactured by Watchfire competitors, but because this particular billboard is uniquely positioned at eye-level, finding the board with the best image quality was the top priority for Dave Roland, owner and president of Roland Advertising.   

"The quality of the sign and the myriad services I can offer existing and new customers are tremendous. I would encourage any billboard operator, small or large, to make the leap to digital, because even in these lean economic times, you can make money by expanding your customer base and offering flexible packages that work for everyone," said Roland. "Working with Watchfire has made this entire process easy, fast and ultimately lucrative for my business.

"I did months of research before deciding which digital billboard company to choose," said Roland. "After all the due diligence and visiting Watchfire's plant twice, I knew without a doubt that I had found the best digital billboard on the market today. Watchfire is a U.S. owned and operated company and provides a far better product at a competitive price compared to other manufacturers in this industry. That is a winning combination for me."

The digital board, Roland's first, is a 19mm 10'6" x 24' billboard on I-40 in Cookeville about mid-way between two of Tennessee's largest cities, Nashville and Knoxville. Approximately 25,000 cars pass by the billboard each day.  

Watchfire Digital Outdoor produces the industry's only 19mm pixel pitch billboard-which packs 768 LEDs into every square foot-and is capable of producing 281 trillion colors, the most in the industry. It is the only manufacturer that fully encapsulates the LED module in a thick bed of silicone gel, which enables the LED boards to operate in extreme weather conditions: more than 180 days completely submerged in water, 60 days in a salt-spray chamber, and temperatures ranging from -40° F to 120° F. In areas where heat and humidity are both high, like Tennessee, the silicone gel encapsulation protects the boards from humidity and moisture, greatly improving projected reliability. All Watchfire boards feature unique extruded aluminum cabinetry that comply with 2006 IBC codes and a streamlined electronics design that improves operation and simplifies maintenance. Watchfire's warranty, lead-times, customer support, and no-fee software are considered to be the best in the industry.

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