Simplify With The Right Electronic Message Center

Our customers consistently tell us how easy it is to operate Watchfire LED signs. We also hear design and assembly horror stories from people who bought on price alone and later wished they had purchased a sign manufactured by Watchfire Signs.

The stress of operating a sign that is not user-friendly can affect morale and your bottom line. Moreover, simplicity and efficiency is especially important in these economic times.

Here are three ways we keep things simple:

  • An LED Sign with our Ignite® Graphics software cuts down on labor costs, especially if you are still using a manual reader board. Your staff members can change signs with ease through a computer or network that is connected to the sign, giving them more time to do other work, rather than waste time on manually changing a reader board.

    Ignite is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use and we offer software training for as long as you own your sign. That means if your Ignite "superstar" gets promoted to a different role, you can count on us to help get the next staff member up to speed.
  • Smart design (such as fully encapsulated modules and ventilation that does not require air conditioners) means you won’t spend big bucks on constantly cleaning and repairing the sign. Some manufacturers aren’t upfront with how much cleaning and maintenance their signs need! Don’t underestimate the importance of hassle-free design. 
  • Our network of knowledgeable sign dealers know how to work with local governments so signs meet code requirements. Watchfire and its dealer partners have always been committed to installing effective signs that follow the law. The buying and installation process is easier if you work with someone who understands local ordinances and participates in local government meetings that may affect the sign.

We realize that there are a lot of LED sign manufacturers out there, but all signs are not created equally. Choose business signage that is easy to operate and designed to deliver results over the long-term.

To learn more about important questions to ask any LED sign manufacturer, download our free white paper, Asking Hard Questions Now May Save Heartache Later.

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