Watchfire Digital Billboards Fuel Go Digital’s Success in Central America

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Sovisal 16mm Digital BillboardGo Digital, a premier outdoor advertising company in El Salvador and Panama, has several digital billboards manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. Go Digital's General Manager Rodrigo Lopez credits a key, and once secret, competitive advantage-the quality of their digital billboards from Watchfire-for facilitating their success.

Lopez realized early on that the quality of his Watchfire billboards was something he should not broadcast. "I have never bragged about my Watchfire boards because I never wanted my competitors to know about them. I've been very impressed with Watchfire's quality and service and they've definitely given me a competitive advantage in the marketplace. I have purchased six more digital boards from Watchfire since installing the first one."

The advantage of Watchfire's digital billboards goes far beyond the quality and service. Many of Go Digital's competitors who chose cheaper digital billboards from Chinese manufacturers are now paying the price. Lopez explained that his Watchfire digital billboards have crisper, truer images and deliver much better uptime and performance. Go Digital's clients can see "the difference."

According to Darrin Friskney, of Watchfire Digital Outdoor, "Go Digital's success is a great example of why we work so hard to manufacturer the most technologically advanced, sharpest looking, most rugged boards in the industry. Our philosophy is built around giving our customers, like Go Digital, the competitive advantage not only with the quality of our boards, but the dedicated sales training and personalized service we offer to ensure their success."

Go Digital's growth and expansion in the past few years is a result of not only the superior quality of their Watchfire digital billboards, but also Lopez's innovative approach to digital billboard advertising. In addition to the first digital billboards installed in El Salvador not being "very good quality" according to Lopez, they also "weren't being utilized very well." Many advertisers were using the billboards to broadcast 30-second TV commercials. "Without the sound they just didn't make sense and they were too long. I began talking to various advertising agencies and explaining that video is not right for outdoor advertising," explained Lopez.

Many advertisers and agencies were skeptical at first, but that all changed once Go Digital's first digital billboard was installed.