Watchfire Digital Outdoor Upgrades Ignite™ Software

Watchfire Digital Outdoor, manufacturer of the industry's easiest to use and most reliable digital billboards, announced that it has optimized its proprietary Ignite® software to better meet the needs of digital outdoor operators.

Watchfire's Ignite® v10.08 software incorporates refinements that were spurred by customer feedback. They include:

  • Intuitive programming of complex advertising schedules (including multiple advertisers running different versions of ads in various dayparts), and governance of hold-times for each ad.
  • 24/7 monitoring of sign schedules and performance via live web cam.
  • Automated sign diagnostics that provide real-time monitoring and reporting on comprehensive sign "health."
  • Printable proof-of-performance advertiser reports.
  • Automatic sign dimming, which ensures appropriate brightness and optimal viewability.
  • The ability to connect to the Internet via broadband wireless modem (DSL also available).

"Watchfire really listened to suggestions we had that would make the Ignite® software even easier to use, such as beefing up the performance reports and message logging," said Jeff Bohnert, president of Drury Southwest Signs (DSW Signs) of Cape Girardeau, Mo. "Digital billboards are unique because they can support up to six different advertisers, and each advertiser can have many different messages.  With Watchfire's Ignite® software, scheduling these messages to run in the correct daypart is easy and intuitive."

Other digital billboard manufacturers require service contracts and discourage operators from managing their own boards.  However, Ignite® is so easy to use that it requires no service contract, which can save operators thousands of dollars a month.
Sam Talarico, area account executive with Land Displays, Reading, Pa., has used scheduling software from other digital billboard manufacturers, but prefers the Ignite™ software that comes with Watchfire billboards.

"I would put another Watchfire board up in a second," said Talarico.  "The software is intuitive and quick to maneuver through.  Other scheduling software I've used has been cumbersome.  Plus, the Watchfire customer service is second to none," he said, noting that a separate service agreement is not needed.

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