Watchfire Expands Digital Billboard Footprint with First Installation in Mexico

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Watchfire Signs has installed its first digital billboard in Mexico. The 19mm 10’ by 36’ outdoor display was purchased by Publicidad Exterior Calafla S.A. De C.V. (PECSA) and installed in Mexicali, the second largest city in the Mexican state of Baja California.

As the first digital billboard installed in this area by PECSA, Watchfire was their chosen vendor based on the renowned appearance and durability of Watchfire’s products.

“We have seen cheaper products in the market, but the lower quality is evident.” Said Javier Gallego Garcia, Director General with PECSA. “We noticed those products required frequent maintenance and aged quickly.  Our advertisers don’t want to be associated with displays that are down all the time and look shabby.  Our company’s reputation is based on our appearance and the partners we choose have to help us deliver on that.”

Longevity was a significant consideration in PECSA’s choice of vendor. With the environmental challenges in this desert climate, PECSA was interested in a billboard that would not only look good on day one, but a decade or more down the road. Their investment needed to consistently represent their advertisers with clear, vibrant images and little to no costly down time.

For this region of Mexico, energy efficiency was also an important factor. The cost of power in Mexicali is high and the efficiency of the Watchfire unit offered a significantly lower cost of ownership over its expected lifespan.  Less expensive digital displays, using less efficient designs and components that the company evaluated, often consumed more than twice the energy, outstripping lower acquisition costs and delivering an inferior return on investment.

Watchfire’s Ignite OA software was also a selling point for PECSA. The ability to display dynamic content and sell spots by targeted segments of the day allows for flexible and profitable selling to billboard customers, and differentiates PECSA’s billboard from the competition.

A record of solid service and support were equally important in PECSA’s choice. Garcia wanted to know that there was a team of people available to help him if something needed attention or if he had any questions. “An example was Watchfire’s field technician who went above and beyond to make sure everything was working just right, and for my peace of mind.  I’m not sure I’d get that kind of service from lesser partners” said Garcia. “It has been a wonderful experience working with the great team at Watchfire. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with them.”

When it comes to choosing a manufacturer, are you smart enough?

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