Watchfire Releases Liter Version of Popular Price Watcher Gas Price Signs

Watchfire is excited to announce new liter gas price signs for customers in Canadian and Central and South American markets. Liter Price Watcher signs feature an 888.8 segment configuration with adjustable numerals from 0 to 9 on all number segments.

Since their launch in 2012, Watchfire’s Price Watcher units have been installed at gas stations and convenience stores throughout the United States. With an available remote or point-of-sale (POS) system integration, Price Watcher units have provided a way for gas station customers to sync their signage with current gas prices at the pump quickly and accurately.  Digital gas price signs offer a safer, labor-saving way for stations to update their prices and increase traffic and sales. The liter Price Watcher signs are available in 12", 18" and 24" models in red and green to grab the attention of drivers up to a quarter mile away.

Watchfire products are known for their durability and superior performance in the field. Just like Watchfire’s line of outdoor LED signs and billboards, the Price Watcher units feature front ventilation cooling and full silicone encapsulation. These features make installation easier and protect the unit from moisture and humidity that have plagued LED gas price signs from other manufacturers.

Sign industry professionals have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Price Watcher units with liter pricing, giving them the opportunity to offer their customers a reliable and high quality signage solution. For many of these companies, the release of the liter units presents an opportunity to grow their business with existing and new customers.

President and CEO, Luis E. Marini, Esq. of Image Builders Multi Plastics, Inc. in Saint Just, Puerto Rico says the release of the liter units is giving his company the opportunity “to grow our business with current customers and the opportunity to reach out to new prospects.” Image Builders Multi Plastics will be installing liter Price Watcher units for a network of fifty service stations throughout Puerto Rico in the coming months. The opportunity to “develop a new market like this is exciting and we’re not just looking at opportunities in Puerto Rico, we are really looking forward to even more opportunities in the Caribbean.”

Having worked with Watchfire for the past few years, Marini says that Watchfire is “one of the very top LED manufacturers in the industry” and that this gives them “peace of mind that we are offering our customers a high quality product from a manufacturer we can depend on if there’s ever a problem. We are committed to Watchfire and we know that they are committed to us.” Marini explained, “It’s that relationship that makes us feel very comfortable with selling Watchfire products to our customers.”

For Dave Warns, Watchfire’s Vice President of On-Premise Sales, “as our domestic Price Watcher did in the U.S., liter pricing creates opportunity for our international dealer partners, like Marini, and exemplifies our commitment to our sign dealer network. Our dealer partners in Canada and Central and South America have been asking for high quality and reliable petrol price signs and we listened.”

Warns explained, “The industry is saturated with poorly-built, cheap price displays and we’ve heard so many horror stories about units that fail almost immediately or require constant repairs, mostly due to moisture issues. At Watchfire, we’ve eliminated the moisture issues and designed a cabinet that easily installs in a new structure or a retro-fit. According to Warns, “the reliability of our units gives our sign dealer partners a significant advantage in their market. Our dealer partners can offer their customers a quality product they can rely on and they don’t have the added expense of frequent trips to repair broken units.”

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