Watchfire RSS Feed Updates Billboards With Real-time Presidential Election Results

Owners of Watchfire digital billboards can download a free widget that allows marketers to integrate real-time presidential election results on their billboards.

The widget will allow Watchfire digital billboard owners to display the popular vote and electoral college vote totals for the top two presidential candidates.

“The 2016 presidential election has stirred political passions unlike any other election in recent history. We believe that these RSS feeds are an exciting and engaging way to help our customers draw additional interest to their digital billboards,” said Darrin Friskney, vice president at Watchfire Signs.

Watchfire digital billboard owners can download the free file, which contains the data feed as well as artwork fitting the most common Watchfire billboard sizes. The file works exclusively with Watchfire Ignite OA, Watchfire’s proprietary content management software for billboard operators.

The election widget campaign is the latest program from Watchfire designed to make it easy for Watchfire’s customers to implement dynamic campaigns on their digital billboards. The company has provided free templates for events such as the baseball playoff games, Mother’s Day, college commencements, and medal counts for the summer games that allow operators and advertisers to take advantage of the unique dynamic capabilities that digital outdoor provides.

The widget can be downloaded at:

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