Watchfire Signs Indemnifies Its Digital Billboard Customers Against Lawsuits Filed by T-Rex Property

Digital Billboard in Gardena, CA.Watchfire Signs announced today that it reached an agreement with T-Rex Property AB to indemnify its digital billboard customers against any current and future patent infringement lawsuits connected to the patents owned by T-Rex. The patents relate to scheduling digital billboard content using a server.

“T-Rex Property has sued other digital billboard manufacturers, and now has started bringing legal action against digital billboard owners. Given Watchfire’s own patented intellectual property, more than 80 years in the sign business and two decades building LED signs, we were in a favorable position to ensure that our digital billboard customers are at ease using our products,” said Darrin Friskney, vice president at Watchfire Signs. “Watchfire’s lengthy history and position in this industry gives our customers—and prospective customers—assurances that they’ve selected a good long-term partner for their business in ways that less established, less sophisticated manufacturers and importers may not offer.”

Watchfire Signs is the only digital billboard manufacturer to date that has taken the proactive step to protect its customers against current and future patent infringement suits from T-Rex Property AB related to their patents. Aerva, Watchfire’s latest acquisition, and its customers, are included in the agreement.

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