Bill Alexander Ford, Yuma, AZ

Bill Alexander Ford, located in Yuma, Az., long ago dismantled their old message center sign out of frustration with the expense and maintenance. In 2012, Jeff Fritz, chief financial officer at Bill Alexander Ford, decided it was time to try something new and approached Perry Pensky, president and owner of Penn Neon Sign Company, about updating the dealership’s signage. When the dealership had its new Watchfire LED sign installed, customers were immediately impressed. General Manager Everett Dawson explained, “people seem to love the sign; they often come in and ask questions about the promotions or specials we are advertising on it.”

Perry Pensky, president and owner of Penn Neon Sign Company, knew Bill Alexander Ford would be a perfect candidate for a Watchfire LED sign. It would let the dealership maximize its robust advertising program and achieve significant energy savings.

“When I have a client with a large advertising budget, I suggest they consider an on-site electronic message center to help make better use of that budget,” explained Pensky. Pensky knows that auto dealerships across the country have found new ways to advertise, especially through LED signage. He explained, “Watchfire is the only electronic message center manufacturer I recommend to my customers because of their dependability, service staff and quality.” Bill Alexander Ford was searching for an innovative way to communicate with their customers and to advertise their broad array of services, so they were ready to listen. Fritz decided that a full-color XVS 19mm Watchfire sign would give their advertising the boost it needed, getting attention and bringing customers onto the lot at Bill Alexander Ford. Dawson says he has used the sign to advertise service specials, financing promotions and even military appreciation events. Pensky has been  especially impressed with how well Bill Alexander Ford has utilized their message center. “They show their TV commercials on the sign and they just look amazing.”

At Bill Alexander Ford, they couldn’t be happier with their investment. Dawson commented, “The sign is easy to use, and it’s a good way to announce different promotions. Overall it adds value to our whole advertising program.” Fritz echoed, “There’s no question in my mind — it was definitely money well spent.”

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