Creek Nation Casino Duck Creek, Beggs, OK

A pole-structure billboard was built to attract Highway 75 motorists into the Creek Nation Casino outside of Beggs, Okla. In spite of that sign’s large size and clear visibility, it continued to disappoint the casino in terms of results. So as electronic message centers from nearby Tulsa businesses caught the eyes of the marketing staff and the general managers, they decided then and there that Creek Nation Casino needed LED signage if it hoped to improve its walk-in rates and revenue.

When Dewayne Pizzolato approached Brian Ward of A-Max Sign Company, he was adamant about finding a better way to attract attention to the casino and to increase revenue at Creek Nation Casino by bringing in more customers. He knew the casino’s current signage didn’t do a very good of job grabbing the attention of passing motorists. He believed an LED sign was just what the casino needed to change its fortune. “He’d seen LED signs at work, and knew how effective they could be,” Ward said.

A-Max Sign Company had been dealing Watchfire Signs for years before Creek Nation Casino approached them. Because of that long-standing relationship, they were able to show Pizzolato all the best qualities in a Watchfire LED sign up close and personal, in a demonstration. “We’re a Watchfire dealer not only because it works great, also but because it’s incredibly low-maintenance,” Ward said. “And best of all, it’s a great value. This made it easy to show Creek Nation Casino Duck Creek just why Watchfire would work for them.”

According to Pizzolato, the sign brought an immediate increase in attention to Creek Nation Casino. And customers weren’t the only ones taking notice. “Employees were among the first to praise the sign,” he said. “They love it. They are proud of the effect it has on the property.” Most importantly, the sign provided the revenue boost the casino was counting on. “We’ve seen financial improvement because of the sign,” he said. “We’ve got more people coming in and more traffic off of the highway, which is exactly what we were after.”

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