How to Select a Billboard Manufacturer

You deserve a business partner who will stand with you for the long haul. A Watchfire digital billboard is a tightly integrated mix of battle-tested hardware, great software and helpful services rolled into a single package. We are the partner you've been looking for.

When it comes to your business, you can't afford to settle for a digital billboard manufacturer that is "good enough". Advertisers count on you to help their businesses grow, so you need a partner whose every motivation is to provide the very best product and support services.

Since we introduced our first LED signs in 1996, and our first digital billboards in 2006, we've focused on manufacturing superior outdoor LED products. We know the components of every billboard we manufacture to provide you with years of worry-free performance, so you can sell more advertising and spend less time worrying about uptime.

Quality You Can Count On

Watchfire billboards are rigorously tested to operate in any climate, from coastal regions with high humidity and salty sea air, to desert areas with high heat, solar intensity and vast temperature changes. Our testing ensures that every display we manufacture is designed to endure every environment. Our project management team's support helps you coordinate every step of your project, from delivery to installation, to keep everything running smoothly. Our service after the sale is legendary, because we are more than a digital billboard manufacturer. We want to help grow your business and are dedicated to your success.

Watchfire modules are so robust and moisture resistant they can operate underwater for months on end. Our cabinets feature solid welded corners, and we design for high-inrush current and high-voltage protection. We use stronger, heavy-walled aluminum extrusions instead of cheaper sheet metal or fabricated metal cabinets. A minimal parts count and fewer connections results in lower failure rates and better overall operation.

Watchfire offers patented data loss protection.Watchfire LED billboards use a patented multi-channel data system to ensure that any data loss will be isolated to a single module. We streamline the design of our boards to minimize the number of connections and components; this minimizes the opportunity for failure and reduces your maintenance costs.

True-to-Life Images

Richer, crisper, more vibrant images are a result of starting with single-bin LEDs from the world’s finest manufacturers. Our LEDs are meticulously grouped by batch, color intensity and wavelength to ensure uniformity throughout the life of your display. Watchfire is known for producing a product that is visually stunning on day one and for years to come, thanks to these high-quality components and our proprietary whole-sign color calibration process. Color calibration ensures that Watchfire digital billboards will age more uniformly than billboards from other manufacturers. Simply put, your advertisers will notice richer colors, better contrast and more reliable performance from your Watchfire billboard.

The Best Software In the Industry

We give you the tools to build revenue by providing a stunning and durable billboard and pairing it with the industry’s best software. Our easy-to-use, intuitive Ignite OA is a content creation tool, advanced scheduler and reporting engine all in one. Our dynamic media tools make it easy to create advertising campaigns that engage consumers. Campaigns can be created and scheduled in advance, or updated quickly. Help your customers take advantage of digital’s capabilities with data feed and social media integration, dayparting and other functions that let advertisers customize content.

Ignite OA is also a revolutionary way to manage your inventory. Forecast availability and report on occupancy history for one board, or many. Advance scheduling features let you define separation between competing advertisers or conflicting products. When paired with our Ignite OAx CRM business management software, you'll be able to see how each location is performing. Watchfire is the only manufacturer to give you software that provides sales management tools, proposal assistance and detailed inventory and occupancy reporting.  Better business management lets you maximize your cost per spot.

Unmatched Partnership

Watchfire is your partner every step of the way, providing you with the support you need to be successful - from the highest quality hardware to the best software and service in the industry. We are known for building strong, long-term relationships, which makes your digital billboard purchase easy and profitable.

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