Education Center: Ignite Software

Ignite your creativity. Ignite interest.

A new LED sign can't be much of a message center if you can't make it work. That's why we developed Ignite® Graphics Software, our proprietary graphics software that makes it easy to program your LED sign display. Ignite is intuitively designed so you can easily navigate through an extensive library of message options.

Ignite offers various text fonts and sizes, drawing tools, special effects and content windows. You can also make changes on a frame-by-frame basis.

Our EasyArt library contains 1000 stills and animations - an incredible value. Other LED sign manufacturers might provide between 50 and 400 pieces of clipart to be used on their signs, at an average cost of $10 per image.

Ignite makes it easy for you to get the most out of your Watchfire sign - without depleting your patience. Use Ignite to:

Ignite Screenshot

  • Edit, schedule and update your message center sign from anywhere with just one program
  • Preview graphics before you run them
  • Use video displays and images from our EasyArt library
  • Enhance your messages with fades, RSS feeds and special collections in the EasyArt library
  • Create shared schedules on network of multiple signs of the same model and matrix

Ignite Graphics Software is so easy to use that many people jump right in and begin creating. Our step-by-step guides and detailed user manual will help you walk through specific tasks, making it easy to get started. We also encourage sign owners to make the most of their sign's advertising potential by taking an Ignite training session. The time spent learning expert tips and tricks for creating and scheduling powerful messages will be invaluable in the long run.

If you've had your Watchfire LED sign for more than two years, you may wish to consider updating your Ignite software or EasyArt library.  Each Ignite update features enhancements to the software and to EasyArt images. The newest version, 11.20, was released in February 2013. For information on upgrading, email Technical Support or submit a question online.

Need information on reinstalling Ignite or looking for a PDF version of the Ignite user manual? Visit our KnowledgeBase.