Banks & Credit Unions

Banks and financial institutions have long been at the forefront of the digital signage trend, and Watchfire has been there each step of the way.

Watchfire designed the original "bank sign" - a time and temperature sign that served as a landmark for financial institutions across the country since it's debut in 1951. Today, technology has evolved and banks are once again on the leading edge of the digital signage trend.

Imagine being able to advertise your latest interest rates and mobile banking tools instantly and for far less than you would spend on a traditional advertising campaign. Full color, high resolution LED signs are a secure and cost-effective advertising tool that increases foot traffic and boosts profit. A Watchfire LED sign offers your bank a flexible and dynamic adverting tool unlike any other.

From smart, efficient advertising to a modern image and landmark status, an outdoor LED sign provides incredible benefits for your financial institution.

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“I took a close look at the money we were budgeting for advertising versus the benefits we were getting from those dollars. I concluded that a digital message center would be more innovative and provide a greater impact, while allowing the bank to customize information for residents and bank customers. People...”
  • — Mike Reid
  • President, Home Savings Bank

Banks & Credit Unions Case Study Highlights

"Since we've installed the signs, we've seen an increase in membership, checking accounts, and credit card sign-ups.”

Sussex County Federal Credit Union in Delaware had a problem. Some in the Sussex County community didn't fully understand the differences between a bank and a credit union. Some people were scared off by the word “union”, and this misunderstanding was hindering the credit union's efforts to attract new members. Member drives with traditional media were falling flat, so vice president of operations Allen Riley began looking for a better way. After months of research, the credit union decided that an electronic message center would provide the highest return on investment.

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