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Score new fans and boost ticket sales with a new LED sign at your sports facility. A video board at your stadium can help you keep score, advertise concessions, congratulate players and even bring in additional revenue with paid advertising for your sponsors. With our high definition live video feed you can show playback and make sure every fan feels like they’re a part of the action.

Watchfire has products designed specifically for the sports market. Our S16mm is the sports industry’s best display, offering an ultra-high refresh rate and vivid, true-to-life images specifically designed for stadium and outdoor entertainment venues. Our Indoor 10mm features an SMD led package designed to deliver high contrast with an ultra-wide viewing angle for a clear image from any seat in the house.

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“This Watchfire sign gives the speedway a whole new avenue for race night advertising, and allows everyone to see the replays and marketing elements....”
  • — Matt Thomas
  • Producer / Director, Trackwide Thunder, Inc.

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"Now, our sponsors get terrific exposure on the video board at all our home games.”

Cash strapped high school athletics programs are exploring new ways of generating funding. Rocklin High School near Sacramento, Calif., recently installed a new digital scoreboard with a Watchfire video display to provide a better live experience for fans and to give sponsors and supporters a way to advertise.

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