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Our clients are driven by a desire to stand out, differentiate themselves, and communicate important information. As these LED sign owners will attest, your decision may be based on budget, but it's also based on your long-term business goals and your need to create a strong market presence. To look great now and still make a great impression 10 years from now, Watchfire is the outdoor electronic message center manufacturer that can't be beat.

Our message center LED sign products are all UL48 (Green Leaf) and CUL48 listed, and our Price Watcherâ„¢ LED  signs are UL879 listed.

From video to vivid animation, Watchfire LED signs are capable of creating outstanding, ongoing advertising for your site - the perfect way to grow your business. Download our free whitepaper, "5 Ways to Increase Your Growth an LED Sign."

Model/Pixel Pitch Quick Facts Best For


High resolution product with superior viewing angle.
Ideal for urban areas with pedestrian traffic such as retail centers and concentrated areas of restaurant or entertainment venues.

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Highest resolution message center in the Watchfire lineup The perfect balance of quality, brightness and energy efficiency to display your messages (including live video) clearly and reliably. Perfect for high foot-traffic areas.

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Amazing clarity and deepest color palette Delivers incredibly life-like color, clarity, animation and custom imagery. With 33% more pixels, there's no such thing as too close for comfort.
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Extremely high quality, crystal-clear resolution Exceptional electronic display for all viewing distances (especially up close) and all types of passing traffic. Displays video, animation, graphics, custom images and messages.
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Clear quality, high resolution Sophisticated color display, excellent viewing at most close, mid- and long-range viewing for traffic passing at all speeds. Displays animation, video, graphics, custom images and messages.
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Vivid, mid-grade display Standard use. Vivid color display for mid- and long-range viewing. Great visibility for traffic passing at medium to high speeds.
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