Color LED Signs: 35mm

35mm color LED sign,
Dairy Queen, Decatur, Illinois

35mm Full Color Outdoor LED Sign

Detailed digital display for images, animation and eye-catching messages

This is the one that set the standard for attention-getting color power in programmable LED signage. The 35mm Watchfire provides detailed images for greater distance viewing - as close as 80 feet without excessive "pixelization." Watchfire manufactures 35mm LED signs to fit almost any application. Heights and widths are available in increments of approximately 12 inches.

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Feature Standard Spec
Pixel Pitch 35mm: 800 pixels/square meter resolution
Character Height 10" and larger
Color Palette 16 million colors
Viewing Angle ½ Brightness Angle: 90° horizontal x 40° vertical
Video Capability Imported, pre-recorded AVI clips (samples included)
Graphics & Animation

FREE: Hundreds built in

EasyArt Files

Ignite® Graphics Software Exclusively from Watchfire. Includes:
  • Graphics and animation
  • Font editor
  • Message logging
  • Wizards
  • User manual
Communication Options RWF, High Security Radio, Phone Modem, Fiber Optic, LAN & WAN broadband
Power 120 volt or 240 volt, single-phase 60 Hz, UL48 and CUL48 listed and UL Energy Efficiency Certified


  • Watchfire LED modules are unique in featuring an all-weather encapsulation in a bed of silicone gel
  • Rigorously tested through 180 consecutive days of underwater immersion, 60 consecutive days of salt spray, and temperatures down to -40° F
  • Modular design can be scaled up to very large sizes
  • Time, day and date displays (temperature display optional)
  • 100% solid state with modular design for ease of service
  • All manufacturing is controlled in Watchfire's vertically integrated manufacturing plant in the Midwest, from LED circuit board assembly to aluminum cabinetry. A computerized state-of-the-art facility assures reliable on-time delivery.
  • Extruded aluminum cabinetry featuring precision mitered corners, solid welds and 30% gloss black polyurethane finishes
  • Watchfire signs exclusively feature stainless fasteners
  • Electrical: Required service equals 100% of total wattage. Average energy consumption equals about 1/3 of total wattage
  • Our signs are UL48 and CUL 48 listed and UL Energy Efficiency Certified


Sizing Specs

Most Popular Sizes
Watchfire manufactures LED signs to fit almost any application. Heights and widths are available in increments of approximately 12 inches. This table shows some of the more popular sizes.


Dimensions LED Pixel Matrix
3' 1" x 8'
3' 1" x 10'
3' 1" x 12'
24 x 64
24 x 80
24 x 96
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
4' x 12'
32 x 64
32 x 80
32 x 96
5' x 8'
5' x 10'
5' x 12'
40 x 64
40 x 80
40 x 96
8' x 16' 64 x 136
10' x 20' 80 x 168

Many other sizes are available. Consult your Watchfire representative.



Sign prices vary depending on the resolution (pixel pitch), options, and square footage. Your Watchfire representative can assist in size selection.

A Pricing Example: Daily Expense for your Advertising Budget

$11.74 is the daily expense if your accountant depreciates a $30,000 Watchfire LED sign using a typical 7-year depreciation. Our signs offer powerful advertising that captures the mobile audience. Can your local radio or newspaper deliver promotional messages this effectively for just dollars a day? (This is just an example; an appropriate sign for your location might be more or less than $11.74/day.)

Watchfire Financing Lease

Depending on the size and scale of your Watchfire sign, a monthly payment can be as little as that of a car payment. The chart below shows some recent Watchfire color LED sign sales financed with the Watchfire lease program. These particular financed projects included identification signage and installation.

Business Type Location Amount Financed Monthly
Advertising Company Pittsburgh, PA $31,156 $682
Auto Dealer Lakewood, NJ $40,500 $854
Janitorial Supply Albuquerque, NM $51,435 $1,242
Church Humble, TX $123,734 $2,775

Your Watchfire representative can provide you with additional Watchfire financing details.

Ignite® Graphics Software

Ignite® Graphics Software is exclusively for Watchfire LED signs. An easy-to-use interface puts the ability to create stunning graphic and video displays within the reach of anyone and dramatically eliminates the headaches associated with electronic message board software. Instantly preview and schedule video displays and messages from your computer so you know what's on your display at all times; no more disappointment when you see your sign.

Within minutes, you have an electronic sign that's up and running, creating exciting text, graphics, animation and video. As a Watchfire sign owner, you'll have a full range of standard graphics and fonts. You'll also have downloadable EasyArt graphics, video and art collections from Watchfire available for purchase when you want to turn your LED sign into a fully customizable message center. For full custom content services offered through Watchfire's Creative Services department, contact your sign company or Watchfire representative.

Quick Points

  • Edit, schedule and update from just one program
  • Use Ignite's step-by-step wizards to effortlessly create and manage content
  • Preview your graphics before you run them on your sign
  • Import AVI files of custom content created in other software
  • Extensive EasyArt library with special collections
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Training manual included
  • Complete staff training and post-installation support


All testimonials are from real Watchfire sign owners or sign dealers. Read what people think about our signs, and learn more about the kinds of exciting results you can expect with Watchfire signs. Read all Testimonials

From Michelle Yanda, Planning Dept. in the City of Manitowoc, Wis.

"Thank you for taking the time to meet with us about the graphics for our LED sign. Your advanced tips for the Ignite software and coaching for using AVI files were very useful. Watchfire has been exceptionally supportive with technical support since our sign has been installed. We would highly recommend Watchfire based on our first-rate experience you and your staff."

From Michael Harris, General Manager of Harris TV & Appliance in Pennsylvania:

"What did I do to have you cause me all this extra work? All I wanted was a sign that let people know we were here. Now all I do is work, work, work... Our floor traffic has been unbelievable (people everywhere). All we do is wait on customers all day. Seriously, we love the electronic reader board sign. Our sales have been up double digits every month since it was installed. I feel it is the best advertising dollars I ever spent. I have spent millions in print advertising and have never received the type of continual result that we have from our new sign. I would do it again in a minute."

From Jeanne M. Mulvaney, Director of Development at Schlarman High School in Danville, Ill.

"As a small Catholic High School in Illinois, we are sustained by tuition, parish assessments, donations and fundraisers. For that reason, we keep a constant watch on our expenses, including those of advertising. Since our electronic sign was installed by Watchfire, we have been able to cut our advertising budget by an astounding 60%! Added to the advertising savings the sign has afforded us, it has also been an invaluable communication tool for students, parents, and the community alike. Without a doubt, the addition of this sign has been on of the most positive things that has happened to Schlarman High School."

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5 Year WarrantyThe industry-standard Watchfire Warranty covers all sign electronics and LEDs on your Watchfire LED sign for a full five years.