Ignite OP and OPx Content Management Tools

We make programming your sign a snap. Our exclusive sign software puts eye-catching messages at your fingertips with a straightforward scheduling solution and an extensive library of artwork.


Ignite continues to be the industry’s most innovative digital sign content management system, and now it’s more advanced than ever before. Ignite OP provides an intuitive desktop program that’s simple to run. When partnered with the powerful Ignite OPx mobile application, programming, scheduling and updating your sign has never been easier.

Ignite OP

Ignite OP Interface

Our newest version of this amazing content management software is fresh and updated, with an interface that is clear and easy to navigate. Watchfire’s EasyArt still comes standard, and includes over 1,000 pre-loaded stills and animations to make your sign’s messages look polished and professional. When you buy your sign, we'll provide software training for your staff, and you can always refer back to our helpful training videos.

Ignite OPx

Ignite OPx Interface

This revolutionary mobile application puts the power to update sign content in your hands, no matter where you are, no matter when you need it. You can update playlists, publish content, schedule media, and run sign diagnostics – all from your internet-connected mobile device. There is nothing to install and all of your changes automatically sync to your desktop. Ignite OPx is available with any Watchfire sign that uses wireless broadband as its communication method.

Sign management is more trouble-free with Watchfire’s exclusive data plan through Verizon Wireless. Data plan customers can purchase 3G data at below market prices, and enjoy the convenience of both reliable service and mobile sign content management. With its ground-breaking features, Ignite OPx is the perfect application to manage your internet-enabled digital sign.

For Ignite installation instructions visit our KnowledgeBase. For signs shipped with Ignite OP version 12, generally those shipped after April 15, 2015, a digital download of the software and updated EasyArt files is available online.

Ignite is so easy to use, I’m able to do a lot of customization with it. I support local events and area high school athletics, and market our company’s promotional specials. I’m not tech savvy, but Ignite is very easy to use. If I can figure it out, anyone can.

  • — Gianna D’Angelo
  • Franchisee, Dunkin’ Donuts, Everett, MA

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