Ignite Software

We make programming your sign a snap. Our exclusive sign software puts eye-catching messages at your fingertips with a straightforward scheduling solution and an extensive library of artwork.

A standard feature of every Watchfire sign purchase, Ignite helps you create dynamic, attention-grabbing messages, giving you a competitive advantage. Ignite was designed and created by our team exclusively for Watchfire LED signs. With Ignite, you can create and schedule messages, as well as monitor your sign’s performance through advanced diagnostic capabilities.

You will also receive an extensive library of Watchfire EasyArt, about 1,000 pre-loaded stills and animations. Our design team has created a collection of graphic elements that will work for all types of businesses. From holidays to annual sales, your sign artwork will look like you spent hours designing graphics - all with just a few mouse clicks.

One Convenient Program

Ignite is a simple and intuitive tool for users of all skill levels to accomplish a variety of content management tasks.

Use Ignite to:

  • Schedule messages to run daily, weekly or even hourly
  • Create playlists to plan your advertising in advance
  • Schedule hours of sign operation to save energy
  • Use Send & Play Immediately to broadcast important bulletins
  • Import a variety of file types: JPG, GIF, BMP, uncompressed AVI files and WMV files
  • Control multiple signs with sign networking
  • Keep a log of play history for each message
  • Generate diagnostic reports to monitor the health of your sign

For Ignite installation instructions visit our KnowledgeBase.

“One of the most important things was software. I wanted to make sure it was easy for me to operate. Ignite software is easy to understand, easy to use, and very customer friendly!...”
  • — Jim Betz
  • Franchisee - DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant, Mishawaka, Indiana

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