Indoor Digital Displays

Watchfire’s Indoor 10mm is ideal for use in live event venues, sports complexes and any location with pedestrian crowds.

Our slim cabinet and versatile mounting options make the our indoor product line compatible with many design integrations, from scoreboards to basic wall mount installations. High contrast LEDs deliver an ultra-wide viewing angle for a clear image from any seat in the house. Manage display networks across multiple screens or use content zones to showcase different content simultaneously using Ignite OPx2 or integrate with scoring equipment for use in a scoreboard.

Indoor LED Display Features
Pixel Pitch* 10.16 mm (.04") Color Capability 1.2 quintillion
Pixel Configuration SMD 3-in-1 Viewing Angle 150 horizontal, 140 vertical
Module Dimensions 12" x 12" Video Frame Rate Up to 60 fps
Matrix Configuration 30 x 30 Field-Adjustable Brightness Up to 2500 nits
Communication Options RWF, Hhigh Security radio, High speed fiber or 4G data Power 120 or 240 volt single phase 60 Hz
Certifications UL, FCC part 15 Software Control Ignite OP, Ignite OPx
*Additional pitch and models available. Contact your Watchfire representative to learn more.


Use Ignite with Live Video for instant replay or our cloud-based software for granular control over multiple screens, indoors or out. Both solutions feature a content library of over 1,000 EasyArt animations and still images, as well as access to diagnostics, data and RSS feeds with advanced scheduling options.

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