LED Signs: Monochrome LED Signs

Watchfire's monochrome LED signs are true classics that helped set the standard for outdoor LED signage. No longer are you tied to a one- or two-line scrolling text message center when you choose monochrome. The higher resolution 19mm Watchfire uses an LED display with more than 4,000 shading levels, providing depth plus high-resolution detail. Images and animated messages show up with a vivid splash. The lower resolution 35mm Watchfire provides less detail and depth, but still plenty of attention-getting punch.

Our message center LED sign products are all UL48 (Green Leaf) and CUL48 listed. Visit our sign details for additional specifications.


Model/Pixel Pitch Quick Facts Best For


Finest, clearest resolution Exceptional electronic display for all viewing distances (even up close!) and all types of passing traffic. Displays animation, graphics, custom images and messages. 4096 levels of shade.
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Vivid, mid-grade display Standard use. Vivid monochrome electronic display for mid- and long-range viewing. Great visibility for traffic passing at medium to high speeds. 128 levels of shade.
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