Use Your Digital Billboard to Display Scores from Pro Basketball’s Final Games

Your advertisers and viewers will be focused on the annual professional basketball final games. Use your Watchfire digital billboard to display score updates in real time with our free hoops widget.

Pro basketball widget running on a Watchfire digital billboard.​Watchfire digital billboard owners can download a free Ignite OA file package that will make it easy to implement real time score updates. From the artwork to the data feed, we've taken care of all of the details.

Submit the form below for access to this exclusive file package designed to fit the most common Watchfire billboard sizes.

If you own a Watchfire on-premise sign using Ignite desktop software, you can create your own dynamic message using this RSS feed URL: You can learn more about using RSS feeds with Ignite for on premise signs in our KnowledgeBase.

To download the prepared Ignite OA dynamic artwork files for your Watchfire digital billboard, please complete this form.