Why Watchfire?

Just like the number of colors available on a Watchfire LED sign, the reasons to pick us over our competition seem to be endless. But here are a few things that help us stand out as manufacturers of the best looking signs in the outdoor electronic message center industry. How good looking? Visit our Gallery and see.

Durability & QualityWatchfire encapsulates every module so our signs can withstand water, wind, ice or heat

We don't just test our signs; we punish them in temperatures from -40° up to a desert-like 140° F. Then we submerge them under water for three months. We can do this because we're the only manufacturer in the industry to offer outdoor LED sign boards that are fully encapsulated (coated with a thick layer clear silicone) for superior weather and water resistance. Our cabinets feature extruded-aluminum construction and solid welds instead of cheap pop rivets. Why do we go to such extremes? Well, Mother Nature's not going to hold back, so neither are we.

Most Energy Efficient LED Signs

In May of 2011, Watchfire Signs became the first in the LED sign industry to earn UL-Energy Efficiency Certification. Demonstrating our compliance with Title 24 of the California Energy Commission's Building Energy Efficiency Standards means a Watchfire LED sign meets the strictest efficiency requirements in the US.

Watchfire goes beyond energy efficiency, recycling and conserving throughout the manufacturing process. We know that reducing our impact on the environment and reducing the amount of energy used by your sign is good for the earth, good for your bottom line and good for business. It is practices such as these that have propelled us forward in our industry for over 80 years.

View the UL-Energy Efficiency Certificate here, and look for the UL48/UL Energy Verified mark on Watchfire signs distributed in the US. Watchfire signs distributed in Canada will bear the CUL48 mark.

Learn more about our eco-friendly philosophy.

Longstanding Reputation in the Sign Industry

A reputation like ours has taken over eighty years to build, but the way we look at it, it only takes one mistake to tear it down. That's why we treat each message board, each customer, and each diode as if our entire reputation were on the line.

Service & Support

They're not just words to the people and distributor network of Watchfire LED signs. We actually answer the phone when you call, and if you should ever have to leave a voicemail at our message center, the average amount of time before we return your call is a whopping four minutes. You can also submit a quick question online, or visit our helpful service KnowlegeBase. We even ship parts overnight when you need them, and offer training and consultation as standard practice. You don't just get a Watchfire sign; you get the whole company.

5 Year Warranty

Industry-Leading Warranty

If you're the best LED sign manufacturer and you make the best LED signs, why not prove it with the best warranty? That's exactly what we did with our industry-leading 5-year warranty. It's just one more area where we outshine the competition.

Network of Dealers

The most important thing our distributors can do when teaching you about our business is learn about yours. Because the more they know, the better they can help you make the right signage choice. That's what gives us the most qualified, helpful, and informative sign installation and fabrication network you can find.

Ignite Your Creativity with Our Easy-To-Use Software

Ignite® Graphics Software is software created exclusively for Watchfire LED signs, and it is compatible with most PCs. In addition to a full range of standard graphics and fonts, you'll also have access to downloadable video and art collections that will help you customize your sign to your exact needs. Each sign comes with a full package of EasyArt animations and stills, and customized graphics are also available.

With Ignite, you'll be creating exciting text, graphics, animation and video within minutes. If you need a little extra help, Ignite software training is also available. We have designed Ignite to be intuitive and easy-to-use, because you shouldn't have to spend more time programming your electronic message center than you spend on your business.

American manufacturer of LED signs

Made in the Midwest

From the drawing table to the shipping dock to our highly responsive call center, every Watchfire LED sign is designed, built and serviced from right here in the USA. You get the pride of the American heartland in every message center sign we make, and domestic production also means quick, reliable delivery with just a four-to-six week lead time.