Why Watchfire?: Watchfire Commitment

Watchfire's commitment to service and support is unmatched among outdoor LED sign manufacturers. We are dedicated to offering the best possible service to our customers before, during and after the sale, and our network of dealers are familiar with our reliable technical and sales support.

Testimonial from a Watchfire Customer

"On behalf of the city of Manitowoc, I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with us and provide advanced tips and coaching for managing our Watchfire LED sign. Watchfire has been exceptionally supportive with technical support since our sign has been installed. We would highly recommend your company based on our first rate experience with you and your staff members."

Michelle Yanda, Planning Department
City of Manitowoc

Watchfire Customers

Whether you're looking to purchase your first LED sign or your tenth, you know you can expect reliable, knowledgeable service and support. Watch this short video to learn more about customers who have put their faith in Watchfire Signs.

During the Purchase

After the Purchase

Testimonial from a Watchfire Sign Dealer

"Our sign dealership is growing rapidly, and word is getting around here about where to go for a quality LED sign. I strongly value our relationship and thank you and all the Watchfire personnel for your partnership. I have learned a lifetime of valuable lessons from my Watchfire representative in just a few years. You've provided us with the tools to be successful, and successful we are."

Bob Persichetti, Sales Manager
Effective Sign Works

Watchfire Sign Dealers

Watchfire believes our dealer partners are the most informed and hardest working out there, so we stay committed to providing the tools and knowledge they need to stay successful.

  • On-site demonstration with a Watchfire demonstration truck is available throughout North America
  • Sales and marketing materials
  • Traffic analysis
  • Proposal assistance
  • Free artist's renderings
  • Technical support
  • Quick-order replacement parts
  • Quick quotes

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