3 Ways that Free Content Ups Your Digital Advertising Game

Owning a Watchfire sign means that it’s easy to create unique content to display, but it also grants you access to a library of over 1,000 preloaded still and animated images. EasyArt, a free library of graphics, has been a benefit for Watchfire owners for years. With our newest internet based software, EasyArt is now expanding monthly with more animations and stills at no extra charge for our sign owners.

The possibilities for your advertising are endless. Here are three simple reasons why you should take advantage of EasyArt:

  1. EasyArt provides a wide variety of content for your sign. “There are a lot of different choices in different categories and I use it all the time,” says Pam Davis, who programs the Watchfire sign for the Country Mark fuel cooperative in Liberty, Indiana. For promoting sales or announcing community events, there are animations and stills to create many different messages.
  2. EasyArt saves time with ready-to-display images. “It doesn’t take a lot of time to go in, change the sign and put up images you want. A lot of it is already there for you to pick from. You just click on it, add it and update your sign,” Davis says. Within its large selection of content, owners can customize pre-existing content by adding text for specific sales and promotions.
  3. Managing graphics with EasyArt is simplified with Watchfire’s Ignite content management system. According to Davis, it’s so simple anyone can use it: “I’m not a person who does a lot on the computer so I don’t have a lot of computer knowledge, and yet the program is easy. It doesn’t take somebody who has a lot of knowledge of computers and programs to use this sign.” Davis says it’s also easy to learn. “A person wouldn’t need to spend any more than 10 minutes picking what they want, then put it on the schedule and update the sign,” Davis says.

With EasyArt and Ignite content management, images and animations are quickly and easily displayed. Whether advertising a sale on inventory or promoting birthdays in the community, new additions to EasyArt every month gives you quality animations and stills to promote your business, increase traffic and drive sales.


Get more details about using Ignite to design content for your sign.

Get more details about using Ignite to design content for your sign.