4 Benefits of Digital Signage for C-Stores

While C-stores try to keep up with fluctuating consumer product demands and erratic product trends, one thing seems to never change — the need to advertise products and increase foot traffic for in-store purchases. Having a digital sign benefits C-stores by helping them keep up with ever-changing demands and trends.

Here are some key benefits of digital signage for C-stores:

Customer Satisfaction

Outdoor digital signage can promote details that matter to customers, like loyalty programs, store promotions, product variety, and competitive prices, and can lead to an increase in foot traffic. According to an article in the Convenience Store News, “Realities of the Aisle Study 2021: Viewing C-stores Through a Pandemic Lens,” loyalty programs are leading motivators behind repeat C-store visits, while also contributing to customer satisfaction. Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) allow for C-stores to advertise loyalty programs in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Personalization & Customization

On premise digital signage provides a visible first impression for customers at C-store locations and all consumers as they drive by. With a variety of sign resolutions to choose from, C-stores can show highly detailed product photos, branded images, and promotional graphics. Digital signs offer complete control of the design and scheduling of content with flexibility to choose graphics, fonts, color schemes, and transitions.

Andrew Bacher, Watchfire’s director of corporate programs, addressed using higher resolution digital signage. “Most customers choose displays that contain 300%-500% more pixels than displays just one decade ago. This means that detailed graphics and imagery are possible on many smaller display,” said Bacher. "Tighter resolutions coupled with the ability to daypart allow operators to promote hot coffee specials in the morning, fresh sandwiches midday, and evening dinner specials using enticing food images.”  


Most C-stores are located strategically in high traffic areas where an average of 20,000-40,000 vehicles pass by each day. When customers are at your location and are prepared to buy, it is an opportune time to promote higher profit-margin products and impulse purchases. When potential customers frequent the area near a C-store with a digital sign, they are more likely to visit regularly when viewing a variety of products and promotions offered.

Ease of Use

Watchfire’s Ignite OPx content management software lets sign owners control messages from anywhere with an internet connection, making it straight forward for C-stores. Easy-to-use software is crucial when it comes to making the most of digital signage. Plastic letterboards use 4” to 6” letters to spell out messages that are difficult to see and inefficient to update. These messages are often outdated and can go unnoticed by passing vehicles. Ignite OPx lets you program messages months in advance or make last minute changes. Conditional scheduling and sign segmentation provides even more programming options.

Watchfire is here to help you adapt to the fast-paced world of advertising and promotions. Contact Watchfire Signs to learn more about maximizing the advertising power of a digital sign at your C-store location. To speak with a representative, call at 800-637-2645.

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