4 Free Perks for Franchises in the Watchfire Corporate Program

Making some of the best-looking, most reliable signs in the industry is not the end of the story at Watchfire. In fact, that’s just the beginning of what our LED signs provide toward your business’s success. Members of the Watchfire Corporate Program reap additional, free benefits that are unparalleled in the digital signage industry.

The Watchfire Corporate Program doesn’t only focus on nationally branded chains like McDonald’s, Dunkin’, Carpet One, or True Value; it also includes banks, grocery stores, car washes, or any business with a lot of locations. In general, our program looks at businesses that have 50 or more locations. Ideally, a Corporate Program business will have as many as 150 to 1,000 locations.

Whether your business is nationally branded or more regionally based, the Watchfire Corporate Program provides one of the most dynamic benefits available – custom content. Take advantage of the unique advertising tools offered by digital outdoor signage with content that drives traffic and sales – for free.

  1. Custom content. Our content team creates corporate-approved artwork for use with Watchfire outdoor digital signs. Artwork is provided in diverse sizes and color palates and supports overall marketing campaigns. Our specially designed, secure database makes acquiring custom content easy for franchisees.
  2. Seasonal content. Custom content can be changed to support seasonal campaigns and promotions. Keep the content fresh and vibrant with an ever-changing library of images that promote inventory you want to move, when you want to move it.
  3. Seamless branding. You’re not limited to custom content. With Ignite OP, create dynamic messages quickly for multiple locations. Match specials and promotions advertised on television and radio with graphics on Watchfire LED signs. Content updates can be done in minutes, for flexible and responsive advertising.
  4. Timely messaging. Tailor messages to the time of day. Display breakfast specials or coffee items in the morning, and change content throughout the day for maximum impact. Have surplus inventory? Advertise special end-of-day sales to manage inventory more effectively.

Bring the flexibility and vibrancy of LED signs to your franchise with the innovative Watchfire Corporate Program. No other form of advertising is as cost-effective as a Watchfire LED sign, no matter how many business locations you have.


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