5 Steps to Create Sign Content and Add EasyArt

Creating digital sign content is simple with Ignite OP. Every sign owner wants to be able to run messages that speak directly to their audience, and by using Watchfire’s proprietary content management software it’s easy to do in a matter of minutes. Here are five easy steps to help you create content.

1.  When you order your new Watchfire sign, don’t wait for you sign to arrive before signing up for software training. You can do this before your sign arrives.

2.  Take time to watch a few Ignite OP Tutorial Videos on our online KnowledgeBase, specifically “Using Text,” “Basic Scheduling” and “Updating the Sign”. By using this valuable resource, you will understand how to setup and create messages in Ignite.

3.  Know the size of your sign in pixels (also known as the sign matrix), which can be found on the first page of your Ignite Manual. You will need this information when you create your sign content. If you haven’t received your sign yet, the matrix can also be found on your order.

4.  Now you’re ready to run Ignite software. To begin, create your first message. You can search by category to choose EasyArt that will go along with what you’re wanting to promote or display.

5.  Once you add EasyArt, it’s easy to include text in your message by adding a text box. You can change the font and size, and move the text box to wherever you want them in your message. Now your first message is complete and you’re ready to begin building a playlist of content.

These are some basic steps that will get you started scheduling simple, eye-catching content. In Ignite you have the ability to go from simple text messages, to animations and RSS feed integrations. You have the ability to be as creative as you want to design and display information that will attract customers to your business or organization. You can also easily change hold times (within zoning code requirements) based on traffic patterns and daypart your sign’s schedule to reach different audiences depending on the time of day.

Ignite software is designed with the sign owner in mind. Our R&D team and software engineers are committed to making Ignite the easiest to use, while producing the most professional looking results.


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