5 Reasons to Add an LED Sign and Boost Your Business

​LED signs are ideal for increasing visibility by reaching consumers as they are near your location. Businesses that add digital signs often see a higher return on visual impressions combined with lower advertising costs. Here are five reasons to choose an LED sign over other forms of advertising to help your business stand out.

1. Targeted Content
Generic or static messages tend to become white noise to the average consumer, while displaying targeted messages can increase your business traffic. An IBM study determined that around 72% of consumers respond to an interactive message when they’re in sight of the business’s location. Creating messages that are targeted to a particular audience or during a specific time of day will help you to make the most of your advertising.

2. Increase Engagement
By using interactive messages, Watchfire sign owners continue to report increases in sales of 10% or more. Measure effectiveness by only advertising some promotions on your digital sign. Use content that encourages customers to use the information provided to get the promotional price. This tactic is highly trackable, so you can determine if a customer takes advantage of an advertised promotion when they make a purchase. It may even help you determine what brought them to your store.

3. Show Real-Time Information
Use data feeds to update your sign in real-time with important information like weather alerts, ER wait times, or local or national game scores. Watchfire’s Ignite suite of content management software makes updates easy and is included with the purchase of each sign. Dayparting (scheduling messages according to time of day) has never been easier. Ignite allows users to create schedules depending on time of day, weather conditions or a schedule of events. You can program your sign’s schedule months in advance or make updates in seconds.

4. Reduce Overall Advertising Costs
As traditional media continues to decline, the cost of traditional advertising is increasing. At the same time, advertising with a digital sign at your location has become more efficient and cost-effective. Investing in digital signage may seem expensive, but as a powerful advertising tool the return on investment happens quickly. LED signs have an average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of 74 cents compared to an average CPM of $7 for a newspaper ad, and $13 for a radio spot. Plus, with a digital sign, you can eliminate the cost and time associated with expensive production for traditional media. A digital sign puts the power of your advertising message in your hands.

5. Dynamic, Eye-catching Content
Manual reader boards with changeable lettering have become part of the advertising noise that goes unnoticed by many consumers. In contrast, the vibrant, colorful messages on a digital sign can grab the attention of passing traffic, convey your products and services, and be changed frequently (depending on local municipal codes) to keep the interest of your audience. With easy tools to create professional, branded content on your display your content is sure to get noticed and encourage your audience to take action.

Learn more about how an LED sign can help you accomplish your businesses objectives by giving Watchfire a call at 800-637-2645 today.


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