5 Reasons It May Be Time to Replace Your Digital Sign

Upgrading your old digital sign can help your business to reclaim its landmark status. More pixels per square foot, cloud-based software and energy efficient design make new digital sign products a smart investment.

Red monochrome LED sign upgraded to full color.1.  It’s not a Watchfire sign. Sketchy service and parts availability, limited software and no built-in graphics options are the chief complaints we hear from customers who didn’t buy Watchfire the first time. Super cheap signs have a lower price for a reason. Cheaper components, poorly designed software, not FCC verified and little or no service after the sale keep the up-front costs low. Be sure to consider the real costs associated with a sign that is manufactured overseas and “assembled” in the U.S. So-called bargain signs can cost your business in more ways than one, from high power consumption to lost revenue resulting from service and installation delays.

2.  It’s over 10 years old. Your sign may be functioning as it always has, so why make changes now? The number one reason older signs are replaced is to take advantage of higher resolutions. Our 10mm module has more than three times as many pixels as a 19mm, which means you can display the same number of lines and characters in a smaller space, and reduce the optimal viewing distance. Higher resolutions will allow you to better display logos, product photos and animations. Newer signs also feature innovations like our patented front ventilation, a slim cabinet and built-in mounting options. Your sign designer will be better able to retrofit an existing structure, or create a more modern look with a smaller footprint thanks to these installation-friendly enhancements.

3.  Zoning has changed. In many areas of the U.S. and Canada, mandated hold times and restrictions on full color signs or running animations have been relaxed. If you are still using a monochrome sign because it was your only option, you may now be able to take advantage of new technology. Your local Watchfire representative can help you to navigate zoning and permitting issues. Text only messages are adequate, but if you can increase visual appeal, your sign can have an even greater impact on your bottom line.

4.  Get software that does more. We are proud of our history as a software company in addition to being a top manufacturer of LED signs, but we also recognize that older versions of our software pale in comparison to the current generation of Ignite. Newer features like cloud-based software and monthly EasyArt releases are not compatible with signs that are using SuperGraphic Studio or versions 8 through 11 of Ignite Graphics Software. Plus, browser-based cloud software is continuously being updated, with no need for you to install anything. Built in sign diagnostics, data feed integration and detailed reports combine to make Ignite more than just a content scheduler.

5.  Excellent pricing with upgrade incentives. As with all technology, LED signs cost less now than they did 10 years ago. Lower prices, lower energy consumption and upgrade incentives mean you can likely buy a larger sign than the one you are replacing, and still be money ahead. Additional tax breaks, like the Section 179 and Special Depreciation also make it the best year to replace your old sign. Businesses can take advantage of the Special Depreciation deductions that can dramatically cut your tax bill if you buy a new sign this year.


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