A Look to the Future

As many states maintain stay-at-home orders during this pandemic, it’s only natural that we begin to think about how businesses will run differently in the future. How we use our indoor and outdoor LED displays will change too. Here are a few positive changes that we predict.

Provide More Details about Products and Services

It will be important for all types of businesses to provide updates on what products or services are currently available. We have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic that customers rushed to stores to purchase essential items, and stores have responded by posting information on their digital signs about key products still available, or purchase limits for high demand inventory. Professional services, like tax or financial professionals, can highlight necessary services that are needed right now. Digital signage can help inform consumers prior to shopping trips, and we will see more of it in the future.

Update Signs Remotely and in Real-time

Content management software that is cloud-based has been available for years, but now businesses will see it an essential feature. Watchfire’s cloud-based software, Ignite OPx, allows users to create and schedule messages and program their signs from any location with an internet connection. By simply logging onto the Ignite OPx web application, users can upload or create content with just a few clicks and create a schedule for their sign or digital signage network. Plus, OPx has a built-in editor and over 1000 pieces of EasyArt that gives users the ability to customize still and animated messages, and position them precisely for display.

Secure Digital Signage Networks can Update Different Displays

Hospitals, schools, churches, hotels and convenience stores are just a few markets that use indoor LED displays, outdoor digital signs, and LCD screens at one location. Having one secure network that updates every display, screen or sign you own is going to be more essential now than ever. While working remotely, having the correct, secure content management program makes updating your displays together easier. Ignite OPx is scalable and secure, offers flexible layouts, allows unlimited users, and operates as central content management for all domains, updating LED and LCD displays alike.

As we look to the future of digital signage, businesses will strive to continue offering the best services and products. Effectively using indoor and outdoor LED signs will help advertise, educate and inform consumers.

If you already have an LED sign, Watchfire is offering free EasyArt messages to use on your sign to encourage social distancing and thank essential workers. You can download the content at www.watchfiresigns.com/igniteop.

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