Advertising with Watchfire Interior Place-Based Displays

​A place-based (or venue-based) display is digital signage in a location where people gather for a certain purpose like shopping, eating, or catching a flight. According to the Arbitron Digital Place-Based Video Study, “Instead of relying on the medium to bring the consumer to the message, advertisers use out-of-home (OOH) campaigns to put the message in the path of consumers as they go about their day. Digital video display networks take OOH advertising to the next level. In many cases, they are the ‘last voice’ to influence consumers before the purchase event.”

Interior place-based displays use their targeted content to increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and build brand loyalty. Watchfire’s indoor LED displays offer vivid beauty that attracts customers and programmability that delivers the right message at the right time.

Eye-Catching Appearance
The RichMediaTechnologies: Outdoor Effectiveness report states that digital signage attracts the attention of 63% of consumers and boasts a 47% recall rate. Watchfire indoor video displays help grab that attention. The true color and wide viewing angle of our indoor displays cut through the clutter. Plus, only Watchfire delivers impeccable color and contrast with our whole-sign color calibration process.

A place-based display can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Small format displays, like a video player inside an elevator, are often LCD monitors, but LEDs are the wiser choice for large format digital signs and video wall installations. LEDs’ seamless appearance, reliability, energy efficiency and easy maintenance make this technology highly desirable for place-based displays.

Watchfire offers two lines of interior displays to meet every need and budget. The X-Series provides micro pitch displays that are ideal for close-up viewing and high-resolution requirements. Each panel is encapsulated, providing touchable and splash-proof durability. The X-Series is a great choice for restaurants, bars, casinos and gaming locations, and waiting rooms in hospitals and medical facilities.

Watchfire’s S-Series offers fine pitch displays and is ideal for shopping malls and retail locations, convenience stores, airports and transportation hubs, health clubs and civic centers. The high contrast LEDs deliver impressive viewing angles for higher installations and a rich color pallet for content that gets noticed.

Contextual Advertising
Interior displays deliver dynamic content that is contextually relevant to a location, time of day, buyer demographic or shopper interests. Targeted advertising helps increase consumer engagement and campaign ROI. Watchfire’s Ignite OPx sign software makes it fast and easy to manage your messaging.

Ignite OPx lets you daypart advertisements, create playlists, and integrate real-time widgets whether you are managing a single display or a network. Its built-in editor lets you preview ads, create content zones and utilize a free library with more than 1000 graphic and animation files.

In many ways, place-based marketing is still in its infancy, with new innovations on the horizon. Watchfire has offered digital signage and legendary service to help companies grow for over 85 years, and we understand innovation. That’s why Watchfire is a proven and trusted partner for your place-based display needs.

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