Unique Benefits of Non-Traditional Sign Sizes

Innovation Pointe; 16mm, 24'4The enhanced benefits of digital signage when compared to static signage have been well-established over the course of the last decade. As the LED sign market grows, the advantages of using uniquely sized digital signs over more traditional digital signs have yet to be determined.

Businesses are always trying to stand out in busy locations, and many have upgraded to digital signage to deliver their advertising messages. We know the impression that is made by digital messaging produces greater results than static boards, but how might a uniquely sized sign assist with promoting your business or advertisements more? The first answer is simple. By having a curved billboard or an unusually tall vertical sign, the location is more likely to draw the attention of passing traffic. Everyone likes to see something out of the ordinary and spectacular, non-traditional sized signs give off a fresh appeal that gets noticed.

LUMO Digital Outdoor; 10mm, 10' x 39', Hamilton, NZA second unique benefit is the creativity that can be incorporated into the sign’s content. A large vertical sign might interest cell phone carriers who want to have a sign stand in as a giant cell phone. A billboard operator could draw extra attention on the corner of a busy intersection by curving the board. By changing the shape and size of their board, they could reach viewers at different angles for increased impressions.

The final reason is flexibility. Watchfire gives businesses the ability to draw up their dream sign, and we can build almost any size sign with our 1-foot by 1-foot modules. This allows business to add a digital sign almost anywhere and any size at their locations. If you’re looking for an extremely tall sign that’s very narrow, we can build it. Want a sign to wrap around your oval shaped entrance? We can build it. The options are limitless.

Both traditionally shaped and sized digital signs, and non-traditional digital signs have their place in businesses. Non-traditional sign sizes give the viewers a fresh outlook, present businesses with new creative ways to advertise, and allow businesses to add a digital sign almost anywhere with the unique sizes that will increase impressions and ROI.


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