Use a Traffic Analysis to Calculate Your ROI

Brendon's; 10mm, 10' x 3' On premise signs provide location-based advertising, so it’s important to know what kind of traffic passes by your businesses every day. Knowing traffic counts is an invaluable tool in planning for the right digital signage. Watchfire offers a free traffic analysis for any business.

Requesting a traffic analysis is a very simple process. Just supply us with the street address of your project’s location and we’ll put together a report that displays an average daily traffic count. We also provide important demographic information about the people who live within a three-mile radius of your location. Information like median age, income, home value and education level are important details about your potential customers. A comprehensive traffic analysis paints a vivid picture of who is in the average car passing by your location.

Bulletin Displays; 19mm,14' x 48'With this information, your local sign company or Watchfire territory manager can help you to calculate your return on investment (ROI) and assist you in determining what type of LED sign you should consider. Other factors, like the distance from the street, flow of traffic and speed of the vehicles going by will have a significant impact on what sign will provide the best results for you and your advertising messages.

Using a traffic analysis will help you estimate the number of advertising impressions your new digital sign will bring, and that in turn will help you project future revenues. What if you could get 10% more customers to enter your business because of an advertisement they saw on your sign?  With a free traffic analysis, you can use real data to calculate your ROI and see how quickly your investment will pay off. Watchfire’s network of sign dealer partners and territory managers can help you understand your traffic analysis results and recommend the LED sign that is going make the biggest impact at your location.


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Determine your signage ROI with a free site analysis.