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  • What do LED signs, UFOs and the Loch Ness monster all have in common

    What do LED signs, UFOs and the Loch Ness monster all have in common? All three are notoriously difficult – and some might say impossible – to photograph. While LED signs really aren’t impossible to photograph, I’ve certainly seen enough bad sign photos to know it can be a challenge. And it’s an important step to get right. Bad sign photos just don’t do justice to the beautiful images LED signs can display. In the worst cases, these photographs show blurry, distorted and washed out images, even when the LED sign looks great in person. By understanding a few concepts and making adjustments to your camera’s settings, your LED sign photographs can improve significantly.

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  • Electronic Message Center Artwork: Keeping It Clean

    Because of the wide range of colors and fonts available within our Ignite® Graphics Software, it may be tempting to try out many combinations of these elements when creating sign artwork. Experimenting with design is fun, but may not lead to the most effective messages. For this reason, we have produced a set of best practices for designing your own artwork.

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  • Digital Signage + Social Media = Big Opportunities

    Watchfire's Barry Pearman, U.S. sales manager, was recently featured in a blog post at Digital Signage Today on the topic of combining digital signage with social media. In the lifespan of technology, both digital signs and social media can be considered infants. As these young technologies grow up together, they have the potential to create tremendous opportunities for businesses to engage customers and prospects. Digital signage, for all its strengths, will never be able to deliver large volumes of detailed content to customers. In fact, we spend a lot of time coaching users to limit their words and images in order to achieve the greatest impact.

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  • The Importance of Color in Digital Signage

    How important is color in advertising? So important that different color forecasting and research companies, such as Pantone, predict the coming year’s most popular colors. These prediction services are popular since they help companies improve their products and image. For example, color can affect how companies design their ads and can make product packaging more current and more enticing.

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  • Using Artwork to Get Results and Attract Advertisers

    Selling advertising space is, in practice, selling an intangible. The deliverable is the benefit that comes from running the ad. Some prospects understand this on a basic level, but have a hard time moving forward on this concept alone. You have to paint them a picture. Lucky for you, your digital billboard can be your giant canvas.

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