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  • 12 Ways to Energize Your Billboard Content, for Free!

    Sign up for access to free artwork for your digital billboards, and we'll provide you a .zip folder of content for each month. All you need to do is extract the image files to be uploaded to your Ignite OA media library.

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  • Tri Outdoor Uses Watchfire Digital Billboards for Client-Pleasing Social Media Campaign

    What happens when you allow excited Penn State Lehigh Valley graduates to put their Instagram posts and tweets onto billboards around town? That’s what Tri Outdoor wanted to find out when they embarked on a month long campaign with the university. To celebrate the 2014 graduates, Tri Outdoor, Inc. in Bethlehem, PA, partnered with the university for a 30-day campaign featuring real-time Instragram posts and tweets from the graduates themselves on Tri Outdoor’s two Watchfire digital billboards.

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  • Missed Opportunities: Static Artwork on Digital Billboards

    When digital is used to engage the audience with timely messages, advertisers can make the most of their return on investment. Yes, digital billboard are completely capable of delivering static branding and directional messages, but when the advantages of digital are underutilized, the advertiser really misses out on the chance to stand out in the crowd and make a connection with their customers.

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  • What do LED signs, UFOs and the Loch Ness monster all have in common

    What do LED signs, UFOs and the Loch Ness monster all have in common? All three are notoriously difficult – and some might say impossible – to photograph. While LED signs really aren’t impossible to photograph, I’ve certainly seen enough bad sign photos to know it can be a challenge. And it’s an important step to get right. Bad sign photos just don’t do justice to the beautiful images LED signs can display. In the worst cases, these photographs show blurry, distorted and washed out images, even when the LED sign looks great in person. By understanding a few concepts and making adjustments to your camera’s settings, your LED sign photographs can improve significantly.

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  • Electronic Message Center Artwork: Keeping It Clean

    Because of the wide range of colors and fonts available within our Ignite® Graphics Software, it may be tempting to try out many combinations of these elements when creating sign artwork. Experimenting with design is fun, but may not lead to the most effective messages. For this reason, we have produced a set of best practices for designing your own artwork.

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