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  • The Importance of Color in Digital Signage

    How important is color in advertising? So important that different color forecasting and research companies, such as Pantone, predict the coming year’s most popular colors. These prediction services are popular since they help companies improve their products and image. For example, color can affect how companies design their ads and can make product packaging more current and more enticing.

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  • Using Artwork to Get Results and Attract Advertisers

    Selling advertising space is, in practice, selling an intangible. The deliverable is the benefit that comes from running the ad. Some prospects understand this on a basic level, but have a hard time moving forward on this concept alone. You have to paint them a picture. Lucky for you, your digital billboard can be your giant canvas.

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  • Create Dynamic Content on Your Outdoor LED Sign

    It goes without saying that if you’ve made the choice to purchase an LED sign, you intend for your investment to serve as a dynamic messenger for your business. You chose an LED sign because it can get attention with timely and eye-pleasing messages. It is your 24-hour salesman, attracting attention and selling your message. The “round the clock” nature of your sign is all the more reason to tailor your messages for the benefit of your business.

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