Choose a Manufacturer with an Honest, Protective Warranty

Choosing the right manufacturer can be difficult when everyone throws out numbers surrounding cost, resolution, sign sizes, and warranty coverage. A warranty should represent the very least that an LED manufacturer will do for their customers, so be sure to carefully review warranty information when purchasing an LED sign or digital billboard. Here's a breakdown of what to look out for in a manufacturer’s warranty. 

Understand Your Warranty

Start by working with a manufacturer you trust. Make sure their displays are verified to be in compliance with FCC regulations regarding emissions interference, because noncompliant signs can result in a cease and desist letter, and possible fines, from the FCC. Once you’ve verified compliance, read through the warranty provided. A reliable manufacturer will stand behind their product without hiding behind the fine print. Watchfire offers a 5-year warranty along with 10-year replacement parts guarantee, that is the very least we will do for our customers.

Measuring the Loss of LEDS by Percentage

One red flag would be a manufacturer’s warranty that states a sign is only covered if a minimum of 15% of the LEDs are not functioning. Watch the video below. Even with 1% of the LEDs out, the sign is starting to look bad. Once 15% of the diodes are out, your sign will look quite unappealing. Watchfire does not make our customers adhere to a percentage of inoperable LEDs. We repair any module issues under warranty, and maintain an inventory of replacement parts for your sign for at least ten years. Our fast service on repair and replacements is designed to minimize your sign’s down time.


Quality Over Price of Sign

Your digital display is an advertising investment. Every component we select and manufacturing process we choose allows us to maintain the quality our customers expect. We focus our efforts on increasing the longevity of our products and engineering them to be the most reliable displays on the market. Our outdoor LED signs are built to withstand the harshest climates. Watchfire signs are color calibrated to deliver true-to-life images and animations, and our effective cooling design extends the life of the internal electrical components.

When you choose Watchfire, you’re choosing a partner who will be with you every step of the way. We never treat customers as a simple transaction and then split ways. We support our customers from inception to installation, and from design to operation. Your success is our success.

Smart customers do their homework. Learn how to select an LED sign manufacturer in this guide.