Create a Vibrant Atmosphere Inside Your C-Store with Interior LED Displays

Convenience stores must continually grab their customer’s attentions in a retail atmosphere that is increasingly busy. One of the easiest and most effective ways to target consumers is with vibrant content on a digital display inside their stores.

There are several key reasons why a c-store should invest in indoor digital signage to maximize sales. Watchfire makes the selection, installation and operation of an LED video display easy.


C-stores can generate more revenue and increase brand visibility with advertisements on interior displays, similar to screens at the gas pump. The main difference between small LCD/TV screens and interior signage is the appearance and flexibility of the latter. Indoor digital displays can be almost any size and configuration. Large, seamless signs that span over the entire cooler section can be seen from outside the c-store and capture the attention of fuel customers while they’re at the pump. With their vivid colors, even under fluorescent light or full sunlight, customers have no trouble reading about instore promotions or watching video content. This engages consumers with your brand, which increases brand recognition and profitability.


Digital signage is perfect for point-of-sales promotions and a smart way to increase sales. While customers wait in line, they typically look at their smartphones. You can turn that media-hungry attention span into opportunities to upsell. Use indoor screens to display deals like adding chips at a discount when they purchase a sandwich, or a buy two get one free candy bar deal. Use these promotions to sell more of your highest profit margin items.


Customers usually come into the store to purchase something, but a digital sign inside can display a call to action to capitalize on their presence. Remind them to refill their windshield washer fluid and create an impulse purchase. Many of your c-store vendors may offer co-op funds to promote their products and even provide high quality, corporate branded, digital friendly ads for your use. With strategic use of co-op dollars, a LED display can often pay for itself.

C-store owners who use interior digital displays strategically develop the perfect solution that can increase sales in their stores, and encourage customers to spend more and keep coming back.


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